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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Smart Money Management for New Hires

Congratulations!  You got the job.  Now you're probably imagining all those things you will be able to buy and do in Houston like, dinner out with family and friends, a new car, or a new wardrobe. This may all be lovely to imagine, and all very possible, but you may want to consider a few things before you start spending your brand new paycheck.

It is always highly advised to plan a budget, or consult a good career management firm for assistance.  Living within your means is important if you want to succeed both financially and professionally. These days, too many people are living beyond their means, getting into debt, and finding themselves in financial difficulty. This causes a great deal of stress not only to the income earner, but to the entire family.  This can snowball into your job and effect your performance at work.

The staggering amount of debt per person in Houston and is a good indication of people not being able to manage their finances, living beyond their means, or not preparing for hard times. Online resources such as display valuable insight into the statistics of debt in the United States. For example, the average credit card debt per household with credit card debt at the end of 2009  was $15,799.

There are many resources to help you learn how to start a budget.  Sites such as have a free downloadable PDF form to assist you when analyzing expenses and income.  This will help put your monthly finances into perspective.  Alternatively, you can seek the assistance of a professional career management adviser such as Carol Sand MAP, who can sit with you and guide you through the entire process.